Delivering Delicious Meal Kits For Busy Families

How Dashing Dishes Works
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Every month, we create a new menu featuring 12 family-friendly, nutritious and delicious meals incorporating locally-sourced ingredients. You choose the meals that work best for you and your family and we take care of the shopping, chopping and prep.

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On your chosen delivery date, you will receive an insulated cooler bag full of the delicious meals you’ve selected – all assembled using fresh, raw ingredients and ready to freeze (or cook!). Each meal in your order arrives in freezable containers that take up as little room as possible. We offer no-contact delivery as well as curbside pick-up from our central NE Calgary location.

Cooking pot signifying that the meal prep on our delivered meals is simple and fast to cook

On the days when you could use some help with dinner, simply remove one of your Dashing Dishes meals from your freezer and let it thaw in your refrigerator. That evening, follow our easy step-by-step instructions to prepare your meal. We take care of the chopping and assembling so all you have to do is cook and enjoy!

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Why Choose

Dashing Dishes?


We are a small, local food business that cares

Dashing Dishes started over 15 years ago to help Calgarians eat healthy, delicious and exciting meals every day of the week. We believe in the tremendous benefits of cooking at home and sitting down at the table to enjoy meals with loved ones. However, we also work, and have three active kids, and like to enjoy our own activities from time-to-time! We know how difficult it is to prepare wholesome meals everyday that the entire family enjoys (not to mention the clean-up!). Let us help get dinner on the table quickly, make clean-up a breeze, and free-up more of your time!

Our high-quality and generously-sized meals are affordable

Feeding yourself and your family quality food shouldn’t break the bank. We are constantly working with local butchers and food suppliers to source the best ingredients at the best price. Our customers continuously tell us that we offer better value than other meal kit services. What else do we do better than our competitors? Our menu is full of elevated family-favourites that kids will actually eat!

No more wasted food

Our yummy meals go straight into the freezer where they can be stored for three to five months without compromising quality. No more throwing away rotting produce or scrambling to use expensive ingredients before they go bad. Better yet – cooking our meals doesn’t require three pans, two bowls and an uninterrupted 40-minute window! The various cooking techniques found on each of our menus means you can choose meals that work for your schedule. From slow cooker meals, to quick and easy pasta and stir fry dishes – you can ‘set it and forget it’ (without burning a thing)!

Our Partners
Dashing Dishes is proud to support local small farmers and suppliers. We work daily with Prairie West Specialty Meats, a local meat supplier that sources as much local product as possible. We are committed to using Alberta farmers and are proud to serve our customers pork, beef and chicken that is raised humanely and naturally with no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Each and every month we put together the best possible menu using exceptional quality meat from local, small suppliers and producers such as:
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